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Community Open House - July 12th, Meeting Open House HandoutRecap

The City of De Soto hosted a public open house on July 12th from 6-8pm with city, county, and regional organizations that are planning for growth and development in and around De Soto. This was an event for the community to learn more about different projects and initiatives, ask questions, and hear from project leaders. 

The arrival of Panasonic in De Soto brings with it exciting improvements and construction/development opportunities. Many organizations are coordinating to ensure a smooth and transparent experience for the community. 

Find out here how partner agencies are working with the City of De Soto on the Panasonic project and growth in the area.

What's Happening?

With significant new development ahead of us, De Soto is mapping out its future. We’re creating a strategic plan for the City built on a shared community vision and a commitment to responsible growth. 

De Soto will soon be home to the Flint Commerce Center and a Panasonic electric vehicle battery facility, a $4 billion investment. The battery facility is just one part of the Astra Enterprise Park (formerly known as Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant.) Developing that area will bring jobs, additional growth – and significant change. 

That’s why we need your input! Your insights and involvement are critical to our entire community’s success. It’s an exciting time to call De Soto home. Help us as we plan a bright future for our community by getting involved in our Designing De Soto initiative. 


What Will a Strategic Plan Do?

The City of De Soto is committed to growing responsibly. We want to maintain our sense of community – that De Soto feeling – as we grow. To do that, we need a community-wide strategic plan that: 

  • Unites De Soto around a shared vision
  • Identifies the most effective and efficient ways to achieve our vision 
  • Develops plans to direct our efforts
  • Leverages community partnerships to put our plans into action

What Are Our Goals?

As we work through the strategic plan process, here are some of the goals:

  • Maintain our sense of community while embracing responsible growth
  • Improve infrastructure to attract new residents and businesses – while benefiting our current community. 
  • Collaborate with area organizations and stakeholders 
  • Connect and enhance transportation in and around De Soto 
  • Encourage appropriate housing 
  • Communicate transparently

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Here's How You Can Be Involved

Community Advisory Group

We put out a call for volunteers to join our Community Advisory Group – and you responded. The group is composed of people with a deep commitment to De Soto. Members represent the diverse interests, demographics, industries and geographies of the City. This team of people will join us in meetings to help us think strategically and holistically about the future of De Soto.

Materials & Handouts:

Pulse Panel

We’ll send quick polls and surveys to a wide range of De Soto residents as we work through the strategic plan. Join our Pulse Panel here

Stay in the Know 

We want to keep you in the loop! Sign up here for twice-monthly updates from the City on all things De Soto, from festivals to lane closings. The weekly e-newsletter will launch in February.  

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Online Community Surveys

Each month the Designing De Soto team will ask the community about different topics to inform the plan. Please click on the available links below to take a quick survey! Those who have signed up for the Pulse Panel (register above) will receive a followup survey each month for further involvement.

  • March: Visioning & Quality of Life
  • April: Economic Development & Downtown
  • May: Housing
  • June: Mobility & Transportation
  • August: Infrastructure & Utilities
  • September: Development Policies
  • October: Housing Policies
  • November & December: Draft Plan

Announcements & Events

Past Events

January 25th: Designing De Soto Open House – Guests visited with various agency partners whose organizations are planning for growth and development. This was an event for the community to ask questions, hear from project leaders, and make its voice heard! 

July 12th: Growth & Development Open House -- This was an event for the community to learn more about different projects and initiatives, ask questions, and hear from project leaders. 

Meet the Team

The City of De Soto hired a local consultant team to help manage the increase in activity and interest in the community. 

About Mays Communication

Mays Communications is a woman-owned business providing communications, public relations and marketing support to a range of clients in the private and public sphere, including area municipalities and government entities. The firm's owner, Nancy Mays, previously served as Director of Public Affairs for Johnson County Government. The firm was hired to help the City of De Soto and the Economic Development Council with their ongoing communications needs related to the area's impending growth and development. 

About Shockey Consulting

Shockey Consulting is a small woman-owned business located in Overland Park, KS, and Kirkwood, MO. Shockey has 25 years of experience in developing comprehensive plans, master plans, area plans, strategic plans, and community visioning processes for communities. The City of De Soto hired Shockey to lead the Strategic Planning process and other planning, community engagement, and economic development initiatives.