Parks & Recreation Board


The De Soto Parks & Recreation Advisory Board is a volunteer board consisting of seven community members, appointed by the Mayor. The Board is a volunteer Organization serving in the role of an adviser to the De Soto governing body and the De Soto Parks and Recreation Department to enhance the long-term vision and value of parks and recreation opportunities, planning, programming, and facilities for the residents of the City of De Soto.

The purpose of the Board is to be a representative body of City residents that makes recommendations relating to policies, facilities, capital needs, budgets, programs, proposals and/or decisions for the long-term benefit of the Parks and Recreation Department.


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Meets the first Monday of each month, except holidays (rescheduled per Board's availability)
  • City Hall
    32905 W 84th Street
    De Soto, KS 66018


Park Board Member Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings regularly - commitment is paramount.
  • Do your homework and contribute to the discussions - review the information provided, be prepared with questions and relevant discussion points. Clarification of agenda items or need for additional information should be discussed with the director prior to the meeting.
  • Vote based on what you believe is best for the community, recognizing that you may need to occasionally compromise. A board member must be willing to abide by and support the decisions, policies and programs agreed upon by the board.
  • Be aware of the importance and value of parks and recreation in your community– gain knowledge, ask questions, and work closely and in cooperation with the director.
  • Resist political, personal and special interest pressures – have courage, maintain integrity, set high personal standards for yourself and fellow board members, and avoid potential or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Be familiar with and adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order or whatever source your agency has identified for meeting protocol.
  • Serve as your agency’s ambassador – promote and support agency events, programs, services, etc.
  • Encourage citizen participation – recruit your fellow residents to participate in agency events, programs and services.