Arts in Public Places

The De Soto Arts in Public Places program is a collaboration between the De Soto Arts Council and the City of De Soto that helps build the overall identity of the city, activates public spaces, and connects people to the community.

Permanent Sculpture Exhibit

Sculptures are selected and purchased by the City Council and displayed throughout the community. The city currently has one permanent sculpture, "Native Spirit" by Artist Tim Mispagel.

"Native Spirit" is composed of hundreds of individually cut steel rings and steel rods that were welded together into the figurative sculpture. The artist’s intent with this piece was to invoke a sense of optimism and forward progress in the viewer.

Rotating Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit

Sculptures are selected and displayed throughout De Soto for a period of one year. The sculptures are on loan for a stipend amount from artists throughout the country. 

The current 2022 outdoor sculptures on display were recommended by members of the De Soto Arts Council and approved by the De Soto City Council. 

Native Spirit Art Public Places City Hall

Rotating Sculptures on Display

Summer Fun Art Sculpture

"Summer Fun" @ City Hall by Artist Rhoda J Powers. 

“Summer Fun" was designed to draw people in. The bright colors of the painted steel catch your eye and invites you to look closer. The interior features of cast glass rounds are different from all directions. The cast glass will transmit, and reflect direct and ambient light. The inspiration for the work was to launch the season of Spring into Summer.

"Homage to Braque," "Posing Pony," and "Retrospective", by Artist Butch Murphy, are located at the intersection of 83rd & Kill Creek Rd.

Public Art Sculptures All

Sculpture #1: Homage to Braque #1, emphasizes natural contours and motion by using up to four layers of geometrics.

Public Art Sculpture 1

Sculpture #2: Posing Pony, provides empty spaces to allow the viewer to fill in with their own imagination. By chemically rusting the horse, the resulting patina is more colorful than rust from the natural environment.

Public Art Sculpture 2

Sculpture #3: Retrospective, intentionally flat in all dimensions, with layered triangles, suggests the horse is cautiously surveying its past before moving on.

Public Art Sculpture 3
Public Art Sculpture 1
Public Art Sculpture 2
Public Art Sculpture 3

Art Opportunities 

The annual calls for artists are held in the spring of each year. For more information or to be notified of future opportunities regarding the Arts in Public Places program, call Brandon Mills, Assistant City Administrator, at 913-586-5250.