Applying For Permits

Application Process

Instructions for each permit type's application process can be found on the individual permit pages.

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Which permit do I need?

Each permit below lists examples of the types of work that require that permit. For questions about your specific project, please email or call the Building Department Staff.

  1. Commercial Building

Commercial Building Permit

Commercial work requiring a permit

  • New Commercial Building
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Commercial Building Additions
  • Interior Remodel of Commercial Space
  • Demolition of Commercial Structure
  • New or Change of Signage
  • Roof Replacement
  • Fence installation or replacement
  • Sprinkler System installation or repair
  • Fire Alarm System installation or repair
  • Commercial HVAC Replacement
  • Work related to ADA compliant elements of Commercial Space
  • Any work related to the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, or fire systems.

Commercial work exempt from permitting

  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Furniture replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Siding replacement

This is a list of examples and not all encompassing. If you have a question about if your specific project will require a building permit please email or call the Building Department Staff.

Commercial Building Permit Application Process

  1. Residential New Dwelling
  1. Residential Miscellaneous
  1. Right of Way Excavation
  1. Private Wastewater (Septic)