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Trash & Recycling Cart Request

  1. Trash & Recycling Cart Request

    This form allows residential trash (solid waste) and recycling customers in De Soto to request:

    • Different sized trash and/or recycling carts
    • Additional trash and/or recycling carts
    • Cleaning of trash carts
    • Replacement of trash and/or recycling carts
    • Repair of trash, recycling and/or yard waste carts

    Standard cart sizes:  

    • Trash Cart: 95-gallon
    • Recycling Cart: 65-gallon

    For questions about dumpster rentals, please contact Honey Creek Disposal directly by calling 913-369-8999.

    All requests for cart changes and repairs require the cart to be empty on the day of the cart change or repair. Field staff are not able to complete the request when the cart contains trash or debris.

    If you would like to contact us by phone, you may call (913) 583-1182.

  2. Service Information
  3. Which cart service(s) would you like to request?
  4. Customer Information
  5. Must be person on the utility account.

  6. Must be person on the utility account.

  7. No email? Call 913-583-1182 to request cart changes.

  8. The undersigned is confirming acceptance of additional charges on their monthly utility bill, if applicable. 

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