My license is suspended. How do I take care of it?

If your license was suspended by the De Soto Municipal Court for failing to pay a fine, please contact the Court Clerk at 913-586-5290 to find out how much you owe. For Kansas driver's license holders, this amount will include a $122 reinstatement fee.  Once you pay in full, the court will notify Driver Solutions to withdraw the suspension hold; however, the reinstatement processes can take up to 7-10 business days. Once you are fully reinstated, you will receive a letter of reinstatement in the mail from your local licensing authority, so it is important to keep your mailing address updated with them.  If you drive before you are officially reinstated, and you get pulled over, this could result in a more serious charge of Driving While Suspended.      

To check on the status of your (Kansas) driver's license and/or update your mailing address, please visit:

or call the Kansas Department of Revenue - Driver Solutions at 785-296-3671.


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