What type of projects does this tax support?

This is a special sales tax that can only be used for the purpose of maintaining or creating De Soto's infrastructure, which is anything from road, sewer, and water line replacements to sidewalk, bridge, street lighting, and traffic improvements.

Examples of previously funded projects:

  • Yearly Road Maintenance Program 
  • Annual Sidewalk Replacement Program
  • Water Treatment Plant Expansion 
  • 91st St. Extension to Sunflower Rd.
  • New Sidewalks along Lexington & 83rd St

    91st RD

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1. Is this a new tax?
2. What type of projects does this tax support?
3. What type of projects will be funded by this sales tax in the future, if approved?
4. What is the ballot language?
5. What does your vote mean?
6. How long would this sales tax be in effect?
7. How much money is generated from this tax?
8. When does the current sales tax expire?
9. What is De Soto's current total sales tax rate?
10. How much more will this sales tax cost a De Soto resident?
11. How much does this sales tax impact the average shopper?
12. Why do we use sales tax to fund these types of projects?
13. Where can I get more information?
14. How do I vote?
15. When is the deadline to register to vote?
16. When are ballots due?
17. Why are we voting on this now?