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2023 Summer Concert Vendor Application

  1. Summer Concert Vendor Information

    De Soto has three summer concerts in 2023 from 7-10pm:

    • Friday, June 23rd: Concert
    • Friday, July 21st: Concert
    • Friday, August 18th: Concert

    Please fill out the Summer Concert Vendor Application if you'd like to be a vendor!

    You can participate in all events or just select dates.

    • There is no vendor fee. 
    • 120v, 20 amp, or 30 amp electrical service is supplied for each site (food - 20x20 and business - 15x15).
    • (Generators are not allowed due to the noise.)
  2. Which concert(s) are you interested in attending? (check all that apply)*
  3. You are allowed to sell only the items you list and those approved by event management. (Food items and products only. No beer or alcohol).

  4. Please confirm the understanding of vendor requirements by checking each agreement.
  5. Applicant's Initials
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