Comprehensive Plan

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A Comprehensive Plan is the official document adopted by the Planning Commission and the City Council to serve as the legal and conceptual foundation of the City’s zoning code and all other land use policies and regulations within the City and its exterritorial planning area. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the community by preserving and protecting the social, economic, physical and environmental characteristics that comprise a community’s quality of life. A comprehensive plan is intended to be a rational land use guide to help direct future land use, zoning, subdivisions, and the quality, timing, and intensity of future growth.

According to case law and the Kansas Supreme Court, conformance to the city’s Comprehensive Plan is one of several factors that should be considered when evaluating the appropriateness of future land use decisions.The 2019 De Soto Comprehensive Plan Update builds upon the City’s 2017 Strategic Plan and 2007 Comprehensive Plan. The 2007 Comprehensive Plan has served De Soto well.  For example, significant water and sewer infrastructure investments have occurred under the 2007 Plan ensuring De Soto maintains its status as a full-service community.  However, future infrastructure investments are still needed to facilitate development within the City’s current boundaries, (such as along the 95th Street Corridor and within the eastern portion of the City), as well as areas outside the City, such as the Sunflower property.  These investments are needed to create residential, commercial, and industrial growth opportunities and other amenities that increase the livability of the community.  These opportunities as well as positive changes in our national and regional economy all pointed to the need to reconnect with the residents of De Soto and update the 2007 Plan.

The plan update kicked-off in 2018 with a series of Stakeholder Interviews with De Soto’s elected and appointed officials, business leaders, developers and residents.The Stakeholder Interviews were followed by the Town Planning Workshops which were held on May 8, 2018.  The Workshops included participants ranging from elected and appointed officials, business owners and concerned citizens.  During the workshop, participants spent approximately two (2) hours discussing the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities facing De Soto. Another important component of the Public Engagement process was the Citizen Survey which was posted on the City’s Website.   The survey included over 70 questions covering a wide variety of land use and planning issues.In all, there were over 200 surveys collected and over 48 pages of written notes compiled. 

After the public engagement phase, the De Soto Planning Commission, City Council, and Staff compiled the Comprehensive Plan document, which was formally considered by the Planning Commission at a Public Hearing on August 27, 2019.